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Mel Preston, The Relationship Architect

About Mel Preston, LMHC, LPC - The Heart Behind The Relationship Architect

Hello and welcome! I’m Melanie "Mel" Preston, the passionate force behind Matter of Focus' coaching services. With over 15 years of dedicated service as a therapist, my journey has been one of profound discovery, growth, and realization. My career began with a focus on working with children, individuals, and couples, which provided me with a broad perspective on the complexities of human relationships and the pivotal role of foundational support in every phase of life.

A Vision Born from Experience

The turning point in my career came from a critical question that haunted me: "What if couples received more support at the beginning of their relationship, rather than waiting an average of 6 years before seeking therapy?" This question sparked a transformation in my approach, leading me to concentrate on helping couples build healthy foundations right from the start.

Wraparound Services for Every Couple

Understanding that a strong partnership requires more than just love and commitment, I envisioned a comprehensive "wraparound" service model for couples. My goal is to provide everything a couple might need under one roof. From intimacy workshops led by a sex therapist to financial planning sessions with a financial therapist, Matter of Focus is a sanctuary where couples can find all the resources they need to build a thriving relationship.

A Personal Touch

As an African American woman, wife, and mom, I bring my personal experiences and insights into my practice. I deeply understand the unique challenges and strengths of minority couples, making it a priority to offer services that are inclusive and reflective of the diverse needs of all relationships.

Building Stronger Together

As The Relationship Architect,  I believe in the power of beginning well to end well. Whether you're laying the first stones of your relationship or seeking to reinforce an existing foundation, I'm here to support you with knowledge, care, and a comprehensive suite of services designed to address every aspect of your partnership.

Join me in this journey towards creating lasting love through strong beginnings. Let’s build something beautiful together!

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