Relationships & "The Love Bank" PART 2

Relationships & the Love Bank (PART 2)

Last month we discussed the Love Bank and took a look at how ladies can add meaningful love deposits into their partner’s love bank! (If you didn’t read that one, you should!!!) Now it’s time to take a look at how men can add credits to their significant other’s Love Bank! (If you’re a woman reading this, feel free to forward it to your partner!! Help him out lol )

Let’s review……what exactly IS the Love Bank??

Every person we are connected to has an account and the things they do either deposit or withdraw love units from their accounts. In romantic relationships (as well as any other relationship) The Love Bank is your emotions' natural way of encouraging you to spend time with those that make you happy (or to not spend time with those that make you unhappy).  

Love “credits” are added to your love bank each time a person does something that makes you happy.  Love “credits” are often based upon meeting the 5 basic needs of men and women.  Last month we discussed the 5 basic needs of men……this month let’s take a look at the 5 basic needs of women!

Fellas, if you want to add credits to her Love Bank here’s a list of the top 5 things she needs and desires!!!

1. Affection : Affection is symbolic of security, protection, comfort and your approval. Most every woman wants affection from her mate (whether she voices it or not)! Affection can be expressed in many ways, such as a kiss, sending her a card for no reason, holding hands, opening the car door. All of these say, “I love you!”

2. Conversation : Ok, let’s face it…..women LOVE conversation!!! Women tend to need their mate to talk to them and also listen to them. Remember all the time you spent talking to her prior the committed relationship or marriage? Yes!! She wants that! She will feel more connected to you emotionally through conversation. Simple……….yet…it works!

3. Honesty and Openness : Number 2 is a great segway into this one! Not only does she NEED your conversation, but she needs your honesty and openness. When her significant other fails to maintain open and honest communication, eventually her since of security will be destroyed. If you want her to be open and honest with you…….YOU must be open and honest with her!!

 4. Financial Commitment : My husband recently wrote a post on social media that read, “This is how I flirt with my wife: ‘Babe, I made a deposit into our account!’ “ It’s absolutely true!! There is nothing sexier than a man committed to caring and supporting his family, financially. 

5. Family Commitment: Your significant other NEEDS you to be committed to the family and children. Women tend to desire a man that can take a leadership role within the home…… not abusing that power….. but creating a healthy balance.

So fellas, I encourage you to be intentional in making Love Bank Credits into your partner’s Love Bank. It can be challenging to find time to make Love Bank Credits, so don’t think you have to tackle all of these at one time! I encourage you to pick just one to improve upon over the course of this month. Enjoy the journey and feel free to share if you find it works for your relationship! Until next time…..stay focused!!

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