New Year, New You!

It's a new year! 2019! Normally, many of us set goals at the beginning of the year (weight loss, career advancement, travel more, etc.). But often, we have not structured or streamlined our approach to obtaining the goals that have been set. For instance, if weight loss is one of your goals did your plan include a weekly exercise regimen,and meal prep of healthy food choices? Or, did you say, " I'm going to lose weight this year!" Period! The same is true with our relationships. "I want a better relationship with my spouse this year." How do you intend to accomplish this goal? Have you discussed options of incorporating weekly quality time (not quantity time.....another post for another day)? Perhaps a date night each week or monthly? Have you considered checking in with each other throughout the day? In other words, what steps have been intentionally established to accomplish the goals? I encourage each and every one of us (notice I've included myself) to not just set another aimless goal. In 2019, let's be intentional with our goals and steps to accomplish them. I challenge you to take a fresh look at your 2019 goals, create a plan (as in, write it down), and start working at it daily! 

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