Women's Mental Health & Emotional Wellness

Women's Emotional Wellness

Being a woman is NOT for the faint of heart! As natural born nurturers, we constantly give of ourselves to others and all too often at the detriment of our own health. Finding time for self is finding time to become better for those we care about. The following services are currently offered for women:

Individual Therapy: Individual therapy is for women dealing with any challenge causing emotional or psychological distress. Examples include depression, anxiety, grief, trauma (past or present), work-life balance, relationship stressors, etc. Individual therapy are usually every other week (unless otherwise determined during the first session) and last 35-50 mins. 

Personal Development Coaching: Perhaps you are not currently experiencing any emotional or psychological stressor(s), but have specific and targeted goals you'd like to reach. If that's the case, coaching may be the approach needed to help you accomplish your goals. Coaching is customized to meet the targeted goals of each client. Sessions are packaged in multiples and are slightly longer than traditional therapy sessions. 

Group Therapy: Often, individuals feel more at ease in the company of others that share similar interests and (or) challenges. Groups are available throughout the year. 

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