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If there is anything I've learned in life, it's the only thing inevitable is change. Often change is scary and comes at the expense of forging into the unknown. Who knows what it will be like to begin (or perhaps reintroduce) therapy!? I get it. You're here, on our website, but it doesn't erase the notion that you may be traveling into the unknown and even filled with frustration. What will come of this? Will therapy work? Can our marriage be salvaged? Is there help for my child?  As a wife, mother, African-American woman, preacher, Christian--- you name it, I understand!  Whether it's change in relationships or within self, I'm here to help you move forward. 

Whether you are seeking therapy for your marriage, premarital counseling,  general relationship therapy or just need a sister-friend to "get things off your chest"---I'm here for it! And guess what, there's nothing else I'd rather do each day (minus spending time with my family, or perhaps laying by a pool lol). 

Here, at Matter of Focus Counseling the focus is simple. The focus is to EQUIP, EVOLVE and EMPOWER each woman or couple to better understand and resolve life's challenges. How? 

EQUIP: Priority is placed on equipping  women and couples with the tools necessary to facilitate changes in thought processes, to master the use of  effective language in communicating, and to overall extinguish negative behaviors. 

EVOLVE: Priority is placed on ensuring the evolution of each woman or couple as a result of time spent "doing the work" of therapy. While evolution may look different and have various results for each person, evolution is key to becoming the best version of self as we all aim to achieve self-actualization. 

EMPOWER: Priority is placed on ensuring each woman or  couple becomes empowered through growth within therapy and the realization that we all have equal opportunity to change the trajectory of our story.  

So what are you waiting on? Whether you are in the Southern Indiana area or the Atlanta, GA area help is just a click away! Schedule your appointment below and let's start the journey! 

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