Spring Cleaning - Relationships and Mental Health De-Clutter


Spring Has Officially SPRUNG !?

Springtime is officially here!!!! At least, I hope it is :-)! I'm not sure about where you're located, but where I am, it's been raining an awful lot lately. For many, rain has long since represented cleansing, washing away the old, purging, etc. Additionally, as tradition would have it, many homes undergo “Spring Cleaning” or “Deep Cleaning” with the change of the season. We tend to clean out closets by removing possessions and clothing that’s either old or (in my case) too small!!! Time is also taken to open windows and allow fresh air to circulate through our homes.

 As we perform Spring Cleaning in our homes, I wonder if we are also taking the time to Spring clean our relationships and declutter our mental space.

What (if any) items have you considered removing from your mental space? Do you have mental clutter? What relationships do you have that need "tidying up?"

Here are a few questions to ponder as you "Spring Clean"
  1. Who are you connected to via social media that constantly kills your vibe?  Let’s be honest here….. there are some people we have connected ourselves to via social media that are totally not healthy for our future selves. If you have friends on social media and are afraid to click on their videos, that’s a good indication that you should consider hitting the “Unfriend” button. If you’re embarrassed by their posts as you scroll across them… “Unfriend” immediately. If posts from your so-called friends don’t seem to align with who you are and where you are in life….  please do yourself a solid and hit the “Unfriend” button.
  2. Speaking of social media, does your time on social media lead to playing the comparison game? Have you ever been just fine until you start the inevitable "social media scroll," and slowly, your mood changes? You move from happy and peaceful to a mind plagued with thoughts of what you're doing wrong or could be doing better? Do you find yourself gazing at friends, colleagues and other family members and comparing yourself to them? STOP NOW! It's a great indication that social media (or the time you are spending on social media) is decreasing your morale and self-assurance. Guage the time you're spending on social media. Clean it up! 
  3. Who are you connected to (beyond social media) that seems to only bring drama when they call, text, or visit? These are the friends that can never BE a friend because they are constantly bombarding you with their issues. They can never seem to return the favor. These friends can never show up, call, or text unless they are in need. They only answer the phone when it benefits them. If you have friends in your life that fit this description, please understand….THIS IS NOT SOMEONE TO CONSIDER YOUR FRIEND. Maybe removing the person from your life completely is a stretch, but let's at least consider re-evaluating the nature of the relationship. Maybe the person would fit better in the “associate” category versus “friend.” By placing the person in the right category, you can reshape the expectations of the relationship.  
  4. What condition are your personal relationships in? Are you married? Are you dating? What's the status of the relationship? Is it dusty? Does it need cleaning up? Is it a flower that needs water and sunlight? Or have you tucked it into a corner somewhere, taking for granted that it will live on its own? Relationships, like plants and homes, need care and intentionality. When was the last time you intentionally cared for your relationships? Take a minute and self-reflect. Be honest with yourself. Have you been taking your relationships for granted? If you have, let's spend the rest of the year making greater attempts to be intentional. 
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